Lighting Council Capability Guide

Lighting Council Australia members can provide virtually every lighting product for the multitude of potential applications.

The Lighting Council Capability Guide helps you quickly identify the right product, application or service.

There are many different types of lighting companies. Some manufacture locally, others import, some do both. A few have extensive product ranges and are highly integrated, typically with engineering and testing expertise. Others specialise, focusing their expertise, and may only be associated with a particular product type, technology or service.


Provides a list of companies supplying a particular item. For example, clicking on Floodlight will produce a list of companies supplying floodlights.


Lists companies supplying lighting equipment or services for a particular application. For example, choosing Emergency Lighting will produce a list of companies capable of providing an emergency lighting solution in conformance with applicable standards. Choosing Lighting Controls will produce a list of companies that can integrate lighting control equipment with lighting products.


Lists companies supplying a particular lighting service – for example, undertake lighting design, develop a product, make a prototype or provide a photometric or EMC test demonstrating a product’s performance.