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Lighting Council Australia’s Solid State Lighting Scheme was introduced in early 2010 to give consumers confidence in the quality of the LED products they purchase. The Commonwealth Government GEMS Regulator has announced that it will regulate the efficacy, performance and lifetime of LED products starting in 2018. We also note there has been a general improvement in the quality of LED products marketed in Australia over recent years.


Consequently, Lighting Council Australia has decided to cease the operation of our SSL scheme on 30 June 2017. After this date we will no longer accept applications for participation in this Scheme.

All labels issued under the Scheme remain valid for the life of the products.



Solid State Lighting (SSL) technology – also known as LEDs, or light emitting diodes - holds considerable promise to substantially increase energy efficiency across a range of lighting applications.  The rapid growth of SSL has resulted in an increasing number of new products on the Australian market. While there are some excellent SSL products available, the Australian market is also being subjected to underperforming product that does not live up to its supplier’s claims. Such poor performing product can undermine confidence among users and discourage early adopters of the technology. This underperforming product has the potential to delay or otherwise compromise the substantial energy savings potential of SSL.


For these reasons Lighting Council Australia has instituted a quality scheme for SSL based on a scheme introduced by the US Department of Energy in conjunction with the US lighting industry.


The SSL Quality Scheme is a voluntary industry scheme that provides confidence to the market that a luminaire carrying the Scheme’s label matches certain performance claims made by the supplier.


A minimum set of critical parameters are reported by participating SSL luminaire suppliers to accurately reflect the performance of their products. Scheme participants provide test reports or other evidence to Lighting Council Australia verifying their claims. Lighting Council Australia registers the product on a database on its website ( and authorises use of a label owned by Lighting Council indicating conformance to the parameters.


The critical parameters appearing on the SSL Quality Scheme Label are:
  • Luminaire efficacy
  • Light output of the luminaire
  • Measured input power
  • Correlated colour temperature
  • Colour rendering index


Note: Only members of Lighting Council Australia are eligible to participate in the SSL Quality Scheme.